Aaron Lee Tasjan


Aaron Lee Tasjan was a member of latter day New York Dolls, Semi Precious Weapons, Alberta Cross, the Neil Young-signed Everest and more.  He is set to release his acclaimed solo album "Silver Tears," today, which Rolling Stone Country named a "Must Hear" in their Fall Preview stating, "He's a sharp-tongued songwriter, R-rated storyteller, major shredder and unapologetic stoner, rolling his influences into a 12-song tracklist that recalls everything from the wry folk of fellow East Nashville misfit Todd Snider to the baked-to-bejeezus pop opuses of Brian Wilson."  This is Aaron Lee Tasjan's Fidelity High:  Harmonia // Deluxe // Brain Records // 1975.  Aaron Lee says, "The best music to me, communicates in a fashion that goes beyond language. We didn't need to know al the lyrics to the songs to be moved by Kurt Cobain. Much the same way it didn't matter what Howlin' Wolf was actually 'trying to say' in Smoke Stack Lightnin' It just hits you. I don't speak a word of German though it wouldn't matter much in this case. Harmonia's ethereal and brilliant album, Deluxe is mostly instrumental. German music to a T.  Perfected precision by machine-like rhythmic hypnotists. It's lovely to get lost in. But it also has the heart and soul of hand made music. For me, it's a rare and beautiful combination, worth many a listen."


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