Adam Voith

Booking Agent, Author

Adam Voith is a booking agent at The Billions Corporation and counts Vampire Weekend, Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, Bully, The Mountain Goats, The Tallest Man on Earth, Hiss Golden Messenger, Kevin Morby and more as part of his extremely impressive artist roster.  He established the now defunct micro-press TNI Books in Seattle, WA in 1999 whose aim was "to present compelling literary products with a hardy nod to the spirit of independent rock and roll."  Among its many titles, TNI published a children's book packaged with a 7" single from Pedro The Lion, an art book & CD from Hella & future Death Grips drummer Zach Hill, a non-musical CD by Damien Jurado, an unauthorized collection of Ichiro Suzuki quotes, as well as his own two books.   After an absence from writing, he is currently working on a new book of fiction filled with dirty secrets about the world of Christian Rock music. This is Adam's Fidelity High:  Pedro The Lion // The Only Reason I Feel Secure EP // Made In Mexico Records // 1999.  Adam says, "This record is like an earthquake at a crossroads, and I won’t soon forget the first time I heard it. I was on tour selling band merch and TNI Books (RIP) stuff with Pedro the Lion in California, early in 1999. We were waiting in a Krispy Kreme drive-thru at 1am after a gig. There were two automobiles rolling in tandem; the band in their 15-passenger, and some friends/fans following along in their beater sedan behind. I was in with the friends/fans, in the backseat. Leaving the club that night after load-out, Bazan passed me a CD-R with sloppy Sharpie scrawl which held the new EP set for release soon.  It was a nice way to allow a listen without his beady driver-seat eyes in the mix.  Remember, the full title here is: “The Only Reason I Feel Secure (Is That I Am Validated By My Peers)."  Idling in a long and slow line of 8 or 15 cars wanting late-night donuts, we popped the disc in, gave it a spin, and let me tell you it fucked me up hard. Halfway thru the five songs, I was wholly overwhelmed. I climbed out of that backseat and then into the van with the band, and turned on some serious water works.  This shit was a pivot, for Bazan and for the twisted roadmap of Christian (and ex-Christian) Rock.  I remember telling him that everything seemed different, open, and wholly broken.  This is the OG pressing, Made in Mexico Records!"