Illustration by Jess Rotter

                                         Illustration by Jess Rotter

Alicia Bognanno

Musician, Bully

Fi - Hi Podcast Ep 15 : Alicia Bognanno on The Breeders Pod.

Alicia Bognanno is an audio engineer and front woman of the Nashville based rock band Bully.  After receiving her engineering degree, Alicia interned under Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago.  It is the same complex she engineered Bully's critically acclaimed 2015 debut Feels Like.  The album was released by the Columbia Records imprint Star Time International with Pitchfork stating "Alicia Bognanno's coarse Cobain head-scream is its own resuscitating jolt of protest." 

Originally aired during Fidelity High Radio on WXNA 101.5 FM Nashville - Sunday, November 6th 2016.

Music Featured in this episode...

The Breeders - Iris
Bully - I Remember


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