Ben Greenman

Author, Journalist

Ben Greenman is a New York Times-bestselling author who has written both fiction (the novels The Slippage and Please Step Back; the short-story collections What He's Poised To Do, Superbad) and nonfiction (the hip-hop memoir Mo Meta Blues, with Questlove, and George Clinton's acclaimed autobiography Brothas Be 'Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You?').  He worked as an editor at the New Yorker for almost fifteen years and his writing appears there and elsewhere, including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, and the Paris Review.  His next book, Emotional Rescue, a collection of essays about music, will be released in August by Little A.  This is Ben's Fidelity High:  Prince // 1999 // Warner Bros. Records // 1982.  Ben says, "I picked this record because, coincidentally, I was dreaming when I wrote this.  This was the first Prince record I bought and listened to fresh from the wrapper.  It meant that I had the jump on Prince fandom when Purple Rain came around.  By that time, I was already an old hand.  And it also allowed me to make profitable comparisons between the more manicured arena rock on Purple Rain (still great, maybe even greater) and the more experimental and dangerous songs on 1999 - 'Automatic,' 'Something in the Water Does Not Compute,' 'Lady Cab Driver.' If you bought it on cassette or CD, you may have gotten an edited experience.  Not so LP.  Long live 1999.  Long live Prince, even (especially) after death."