Marco Benevento

Musician, Producer

Marco Benevento is set to release his new studio album, The Story of Fred Short, on April 1st, 2016 via his own Royal Potato Family label.  The album pays homage to Fred Short, a Native American man known for throwing musical bacchanals on the property where Marco now lives in Woodstock, NY.  Recorded and produced by Marco in his home studio, the record features Dave Dreiwitz (Ween), Andy Borger (Tom Waits, Norah Jones) and Brad Barr (Barr Brothers).  It follows his 2014 release Swift, produced by the great Richard Swift.  Marco is also a touring member of Dan Auerbach's (The Black Keys) band The Arcs as keyboardist.  This is Marco's Fidelity High: Paul McCartney // McCartney // Apple Records // 1970.  Marco says, “Home recording at its finest!!!  I love this record.  I want to buy a copy for all of my friends. Paul played every instrument and Linda helped with some vocals.  They recorded most all of it at home on their Studer four track recorder so it's super simple sounding and very direct.  Some songs are purely experimental and almost sound like unfinished tunes or demos, but 'Maybe I'm Amazed,' 'Teddy Boy,' 'Hot As Sun' and 'Junk' are definitely compositional masterpieces.   When my family and I moved to Woodstock, NY five years ago this was the first record we bought at the local record shop and we listened to it everyday while we unpacked our stuff, settled in and slowly built our own studio to do our own home recordings.  I remember noticing something different about each song everyday, like Paul's heavy breathing track on one of the tunes, a huge sounding cowbell that happens like twice in one tune and wine glasses and weird tape cuts.  McCartney described his recording set-up as 'Studer, one mic and nerve' and you can hear all of that clearly. . . most importantly the nerve part; there is some serious energy on this record!  That last tune 'Kreen - Akore' is so psychedelic too . . what a trippy way to end a record.”


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