Bob Dorough

Pianist, Singer, Composer

Bob Dorough is a critically acclaimed and brilliant bebop pianist, singer and composer.  He released his debut album Devil May Care in 1956 and has collaborated with Allen Ginsberg, Langston Hughes, Roswell Rudd, and many more.  His songs have been recorded by The Staples Singers, The Fugs, Mel Torme, The 5th Dimension, The Small Faces, Booker T. & The M.G.'s, and countless others.   He sings lead vocals on the song "Nothing Like You" which closes the 1967 Miles Davis album Sorcerer, making him one of only a few vocalists ever featured on a Miles Davis record.  He is best known as the Musical Director for the legendary Saturday Morning Cartoon educational series 'Schoolhouse Rock' and wrote infamous songs such as "Conjunction Junction," "Three Is A Magic Number," "My Hero, Zero," "Electricity, Electricity" and more.  A documentary film, But For Now: The Music And Mojo Of Bob Dorough is currently in production.  This is Bob Dorough's Fidelity High: Bob Dorough // Multiplication Rock (Original Soundtrack Recording) // Capitol Records // 1973.  Bob says, "This album had a tremendous influence in my life.  I was commissioned to 'put the multiplication tables to rock music,' and I wrote eleven songs, one at a time.  Artist Tom Yohe started drawing the characters in my songs and - wham! - I became the musical director for a Saturday morning cartoon show on the ABC-TV Network (1973-1986) called, 'Schoolhouse Rock.'  We went on to other subjects such as grammar & history, and others and all the young children who watched it grew up to be my fans and to discover my jazzier side.  I was able to employ my friends on the project, mostly jazz players and singers and other writers too.  For instance, on 'Multiplication Rock,' I sing only 8 of the eleven songs.  One is sung by Blossom Dearie and two are sung by Grady Tate, two of my favorite peers.  As time went on (we had another run on ABC, later on), the 'kids' grew up and began to hang out or wait tables in jazz clubs where I'd play.  Recognizing my voice, they psyched me out and I suddenly had to acknowledge this part of my repertoire and I began to sprinkle SR songs among my other songs, like 'Devil May Care,' 'Nothing Like You,' and Comin' Home Baby.'  It's been a great ride and I still play in some jazz venues and also often in Elementary schools where the teachers keep my music alive."