Bob Frank


Bob Frank served in the Vietnam War and returned to the US in 1968, finding himself in Nashville a year later as a publishing company staff songwriter.  In 1972, he released his 12-song eponymous debut via Vanguard Records.  The album was filled with brilliant story songs and has become a cult classic with original copies becoming highly collectible.  In 2014 the record was remastered from the original stereo 1/4" tapes and reissued by Light In The Attic as part of their Vanguard Vault series.  A whopping 30 years after his debut, Bob released his second album Keep On Burning and continues to write and record to this day.  He is currently compiling a book of his mystical poetry and is also recording in Arizona 12 songs he co-wrote with Chuck Giamalvo over the past ten to fifteen years.  This is Bob's Fidelity High: Jimmie Driftwood // The Wilderness Road and Jimmie Driftwood // RCA Victor Records // 1959.  Bob says "The reason I picked this is because it was one of my earliest favorite albums.  It's Jimmie Driftwood, the guy who wrote "Tennessee Stud," "Battle of New Orleans," and tons of other great songs.  His original name was Jimmie Morris, and he made a record back when he was young, under that name, but then he went to teaching school in Snowball, Arkansas in a one room schoolhouse.  And that's when he wrote a lot of those history songs, like "Battle of New Orleans" and "Damyankee Lad," and so on, cause that was how he taught history to his classroom.  He'd sing 'em songs about Bunker Hill or Old Burgoyne in the Wilderness, like that.   So he was always a great inspiration to me.  Story songs have always been my main thing.  Usually funny story songs, but if they couldn't be funny, at least they could be outrageous and immoral.  This was one of the first records he made when he was re-discovered during the folk craze.  It was made in 1958.  He was an authentic Ozark songwriter, singer and storyteller.  So I feel quite close to him in many respects."