Chris Penn

Co-Manager, The Polyphonic Spree & Co-Owner, Good Records & The Good Pagoda

Chris Penn is the Co-Manager of the band The Polyphonic Spree as well as the Co-Owner of the Dallas, TX based establishments Good Records & The Good Pagoda.  On October 6th, 2015, Chris remarkably reunited Alice Cooper for a live performance at Good Records and now has been even luckier to release two songs from that historic performance on Record Store Day Black Friday this November 25th. The 7" single was mixed by the legendary Bob Ezrin & Justin Cortelyou and mastered by Joe LaPorta entitled "Live From The Astroturf."  This is Chris Penn's Fidelity High:  Alice Cooper // Love It To Death // Warner Bros. Records // 1971 & Alice Cooper // Killer // Warner Bros. Records //1971.  Chris says, "Picking a favorite record is like asking a parent to pick their favorite offspring, it depends upon your mood/their behavior at the time.  My selection is two Alice Cooper records. Love It To Death and Killer which are both flawless masterpieces. They are blueprints of a BAND coming into their own on their 3rd and 4th records.  I play these records for folks not in the know about Alice Cooper and they are blown away time and time again.  I want 'Black Juju' & 'Halo Of Flies' played at my memorial jamboree."