Cory Hanson

Musician, Wand

Cory Hanson is the guitarist and frontman of the Los Angeles-based band Wand.  Rolling Stone magazine named the band an "Artist You Need To Know" while NPR Music has stated "they pack both a purist intent and an inescapable weirdness into songs as adventurous as they are catchy."  While the band released an impressive three full length albums in just 18 months, Cory and Wand celebrate the release of their first new album in two years, Plum, via Drag City today.  In their 9 out of 10 rated review, Uncut Magazine states, "[Wand's] Cory Hanson is fast emerging as a significant force in his own right, whether solo or otherwise.  Plum feels very much like a landmark in [Wand's] still-fresh career."  This is Cory Hanson's Fidelity High: This Heat // This Heat // Piano THIS-1 // 1979.  Cory says, "A few years ago I picked up a copy of the self titled This Heat record, or 'blue and yellow' as they refer to it in the liner notes.  It's hard to come up with words to describe how much this record means to me.  Its generosity is profound.  It lives in full 'abandon' mode, though never ceases to be articulate, exploratory; an endless refraction of detail passing from song to song, sound to sound, body to body.  Its beauty is entangled in terror, and speckled with spots of light.  It calls out to the often insidious and contradictory nature of music culture; of punk, of rock n roll, pop, 'world music,' the boring saga of the West.  It stakes its position on the precarious surface of crisis, never verbally acknowledging its surroundings, only nodding to them through sound, texture, cadence, melody.  And it's nearly a fact that the president of the good ol' USA will never hear about This Heat, or care.  That's exactly where This Heat would prefer to be, left alone in their omnivorous state, ignored by the dumb drunk gods of music history.  Sending out a distress signal heeding caution to us, the inhabitants of an endless war-zone of producer/consumer based conflict.  Waiting patiently within our cloudy spirits for the age of peace."










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