Dan Zanes

Musician, Dan Zanes and Friends, The Del Fuegos

Dan Zanes is a critically acclaimed family musician and founding member of the rock band The Del Fuegos.  With The Del Fuegos, he released four studio albums, with the first three issued by Fidelity High favorites Slash Records (Germs, X, Dream Syndicate, Violent Femmes).  He has also released countless solo albums and family recordings with his band Dan Zane & Friends, including the Grammy Award winning album Catch That Train! in 2006.  This August, he and the band released their new album Lead Belly, Baby! a collection of Lead Belly songs performed in a variety of styles and reimagined for a younger audience.  The album features special guests Chuck D. of Public Enemy, Valerie June, Billy Bragg and more.  It was released via Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, the original home of Lead Belly's music.  Dan's music has been heard on Sesame Street, Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon and more with Time Magazine referring to him as "the family-music genre's most outspoken and eloquent advocate."  He and his fiancee Claudia Eliaza also premiered their original folk opera Night Train 57 earlier this month in Washington, DC.  The sensory-friendly performance was co-commissioned by The Kennedy Center and VSA, and was designed to welcome all families, including those with children with autism or other sensory sensitivities.  This is Dan Zane's Fidelity High: Léon Dimanche // Et Les Lionceaux Des Caves // Haiti Record // 1973.  Dan says, "Leon Dimanche is my favorite singer of all-time. Haitian music in its various forms is my favorite music of all-time. It’s been underrated outside of the diaspora, maybe that’s part of the price to pay for being the first Black republic? Anyway, this disc is the sound of a band that realized that it had a vocal genius and put him front and center.  I’ve become friends with Mario Devolcy, one of the superstars of Haitian Konpa Direck, and he said that when this came out in the early 70’s you couldn’t go anywhere in Haiti without hearing 'Nostalgie.'  I heard Leon Dimanche last year in a  church here in Brooklyn. It was his 70th birthday party and he sounded even better than this record which is saying a lot. He’s a gentleman and, as I said, a vocal genius." 












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