Dave Depper

Musician, Death Cab For Cutie

Dave Depper is the guitarist of Death Cab For Cutie and has played with Fruit Bats, Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney, Ray LaMontagne, Menomena, Robyn Hitchcock, Laura Gibson and more.  He recently released his debut solo album Emotional Freedom Technique via Tender Loving Empire, which includes the song "Communication," that was written the day after Prince's death.  Billboard Magazine said of the album, "The finished product is a nine-track pop-tinged meditation on loneliness and human connection, blending influences from Prince, David Bowie and ABBA while still crafting a synth-pop sound that is all Depper's own."  This is Dave Depper's Fidelity High: Prince // Sign "O" The Times // Paisley Park // 1987.  Dave says, "Everybody's crazy about Purple Rain, and rightly so, but for my money, Sign o' the Times is Prince's crowning achievement, full stop.  Closing out his imperial run atop the critical and commercial zenith of the 1980s, it’s that rare double album that would be irreparably harmed by excising even ten seconds from its generous running time.  Everything the guy was capable of is here on brilliant, sprawling display, and pulled off with a nearly malevolent level of perfectionist glee.  You’ve got Prince at his funkiest ('Hot Thing'), funniest (the absolutely perfect 'Housequake'), schmaltziest ('Slow Love'), poppiest ('I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man'), romantic-est (slow jam to end all slow jams, 'Adore'), androgynous-est ('If I Was Your Girlfriend') and most surreal (the delightful children’s acid trip 'Starfish and Coffee,' and perhaps his crowning narrative achievement, 'The Ballad of Dorothy Parker').  Prince would go on to make many other careers’ worth of incredible, inimitable music, but he would never quite scale such blinding, effortless, dazzling, kaleidoscopic heights of sublimity again."





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