Tim DeLaughter

Musician, The Polyphonic Spree

Tim DeLaughter is the frontman of The Polyphonic Spree (2000 to present) and Tripping Daisy (1990-1999).  The Polyphonic Spree recently celebrated their 15th anniversary as a group as well as their breathtaking debut, The Beginning Stages of..., where they performed the album live in its entirety on tour.   Along with Chris Penn and Julie Doyle, DeLaughter co-owns the truly great Good Records in Dallas, TX, which also celebrated its 15th Anniversary last year.  This is Tim's Fidelity High:  Brian Eno // Ambient 1 (Music For Airports) // EG, Polydor // 1978.  Tim tells us, "I was in high school at the time at a friend's house, when I heard this music coming from his sister's room.  I remember passing by her room and stopping in the hall, just past her door.  I was then a singer in a heavy metal band, hadn't heard it or anything like it before.  I was immediately taken hostage, by the ever slow calming effect it had on me.  Completely forgetting I was standing outside her door, I was caught off guard by her coming out of her room.  She said 'what are you doing?'  Me, not knowing her at all, stumbled awkwardly in a response, that I can only describe as a Music For Airports response, which was slow and repetitive and a completely absurd response at the moment.  I had been in a trance, and lost all concept of time and place. I remember as I was turning away I got this really creepy look like I had just done something inappropriate.  I walked back in the kitchen, where everyone was at, looking like I'm sure a little shell shocked.  Her sister never said anything about what had just happened. The experience just kinda went unnoticed, and the regular routine of the social hangout resumed without a glitch.  Then, I was over there again, and this time, the sister made a bee line over to me and said 'here's the record I was listening to the other day.'  She handed it to me, and me not being in a trance said, 'Cool! Yeah, I really liked what I heard.'  (Which was so much better than before)  That was my intro to this amazing album.  It has lived with me ever since, being the soundtrack of my life thru several key moments.  My wife and I have welcomed all four of our children into the world with this playing in the background.  I believe it's also a huge part of the reason why I'm such a fan of easy listening and stringed instrumental records.  The space it provides for my brain to retreat, has been indulged time and time again. I could never tire of this mental spa.  I do take breaks of course, a year or 2 or months and months apart.  But I know it's always there, and I'm guaranteed to get exactly what I need every time."