Dennis Dunaway

Musician, Author

Dennis Dunaway is the founding member and bassist for the legendary rock and roll band Alice Cooper.  Discovered in 1969 by Frank Zappa and signed to his Straight Records label, the Alice Cooper band sold millions of records and are responsible for the smash hits "I'm Eighteen," "School's Out," "No More Mr. Nice Guy," and many more.  Their Billion Dollar Babies album hit #1 in both the US and Britain simultaneously in 1973 and the band are widely considered the Godfathers of Shock Rock.  Along with the other Alice Cooper members, Dennis was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011 and he also received a Revolver Golden God Award the same year.  In 2015, Dennis released his memoir about his years in the band, Snakes! Guillotines!  Electric Chairs!, to critical acclaim.  That year, he and the surviving members of the band reunited for a now legendary in-store performance at the Dallas, TX based record store Good Records.  The 8-song set entitled Live From The Astroturf was mixed by longtime Alice Cooper producer Bob Ezrin and will be released as a limited edition LP for Record Store Day Black Friday this week.  The LP includes a double sided poster, 16 page booklet, 6 trading cards, and will be available in 10 different color variants packaged in a stamped and numbered silver foil gatefold jacket.  Dennis is currently in production on a "Rock Cinema" short horror film for his new song "Cold Cold Coffin" which will be released in 2019. This is Dennis Dunaway's Fidelity High: Van Morrison // Astral Weeks // Warner Bros. Records // 1968.  Dennis says, "At the end of a long day of rushing traffic, looming deadlines, and crap, you pour a glass of wine in a candle lit room, and with your chair positioned in the sweet spot between the stereo speakers, you let your mind soar freely to the soothing intellect of Astral Weeks. It took me a while to let go of my preference for the angry growling Van of Them fame, but this album was a whole new world of its own. Now that rawness was overshadowed by an ethereal sense that rises above the blatant rigors of daily life. And even the yearning of 'Beside You' and the heavy hardships of 'Slim Slow Slider' are somehow softened by the poetic nature of the lyrics. There is urgency to get your blood up as well. 'Young Lovers Do' features aggressive brass punches and the wild upright bass of Richard Davis, who really shines throughout this album. My favorite is 'Sweet Thing' where drummer Connie Kay limits his kit to a high hat that locks in with bass excursions that dance on the edge of musical logic. Davis seems to use his expertise to flirt with danger like a tightrope walker without a pole. Closed eyes help you follow the ups and downs of Van Morrison’s visual journeys. As complex as it is, he’s fully aware of what’s going on musically. His melodies are organic and spontaneous like the improvisations of a saxophone player, but with words - beautiful introspective words. The spirit is uplifting. The eight songs seem like more because of the thoroughness of the journeys. And when the album hits its final note, as solemn as it is, you slowly return to your candle lit room in a more sophisticated, and far gentler state of mind." 










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