Dustin Payseur

Musician, Beach Fossils

Dustin Payseur is the frontman for the Brooklyn-based band Beach Fossils.  The band have issued two critically acclaimed studio albums via Captured Tracks, as well as a handful of singles and an EP.  Their most recent record, 2013's Clash The Truth hit #40 on the Independent Albums chart.  Recently, Dustin and Beach Fossils could be seen portraying the fictitious band The Nasty Bits alongside actor James Jagger on the HBO Original Series Vinyl. Dustin is co-owner of Bayonet Records, which recently issued the fantastic debut from Nashville's Lionlimb and will release the new album from Frankie Cosmos (Greta Kline) on April 1st.  Beach Fossils are currently writing and recording their new album to be issued by Bayonet and are set to appear at this Summer's Bonnaroo Music & Artist Festival. This is Dustin's Fidelity High: Three-6 Mafia // Mystic Stylez // Prophet Entertainment // 1995. Dustin says, "I bought Mystic Stylez when I was 14 and it instantly became one of my favorite albums.  I was really into Wu and Dre but this was on another level.  It was some of the grittiest music I’d ever heard, and still is.  Growing up in the bible belt of North Carolina and hearing these dudes rap about 666 made me feel like I wasn’t alone, I could look around me and feel like 'yeah nobody else here gets this' and that was empowering.  It also changed how I thought about recording music; the fidelity wasn’t through the roof but it was strong with attitude and atmosphere.  I was messing around on a 4-track with a drum machine and it made me feel like I could make my own shit at home and get it to sound good too.  It’s funny that now 20 years after this album came out, everybody is doing the slow trappy Three-6/DJ Screw style with quick vocals.  It took a long time for this style to catch on with the mainstream.  Since this was released in 1995, it only came out on CD and cassette, but in 2015 Mystic Stylez finally got a proper vinyl release via the original label Prophet Entertainment (on double red vinyl) which I snatched up as soon as I heard about it. It still means as much to me today as it did when I first heard it."

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