F.J. McMahon

Singer Songwriter

F.J. McMahon is a singer songwriter and Vietnam War veteran.  After returning home from the war, he wrote and recorded his sole album Spirit of the Golden Juice which was originally released by the small Accent record label in 1969.  The album's limited pressing quickly went out of print and F.J. retired entirely from the music world just ten years after its release.  Spirit of the Golden Juice has since become a folk cult classic with original copies fetching hundreds of dollars.  Nearly 50 years after its release, Anthology Recordings (Mexican Summer's reissue arm), re-released the album last week.  During his return to the live stage in June, the Boston psych-folk band Quilt served as F.J.'s backing band.  Just this week, Quilt announced their upcoming full album cover of Spirit of the Golden Juice is due in September via Turntable Kitchen's Sounds Delicious vinyl series.  This is F.J. McMahon's Fidelity High: Hoyt Axton // Thunder'N Lightnin' // Horizon Records // 1963.  F.J. says, "I first saw Hoyt Axton at the Troubadour in West Los Angeles around 1963. Up to that time, all my vocal influences came from rock and roll and country western. Hearing Hoyt for the first time was so eye opening - what he was able to do musically was beyond different. Hoyt sang traditional folk and blues, but he also sang his own songs about the current state of our world and culture.  He taught me that you could use traditional music to tell modern stories.  I also learned about having an attitude when telling a story - the attitude of the person in the story and/or the attitude of the narrator telling the story.  These were the days before Hoyt became a country singer as he was doing a straight folk singer/songwriter act.  He would take the stage and for the next 45 minutes totally dominate the room - just him and an acoustic guitar.  He embodied musicianship in its most purest form. His early albums on Horizon can be found now and again.  If you come across any, scoop it up.  Great stuff."




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