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Frank Reader

Musician, Trashcan Sinatras

Frank Reader is the frontman for the acclaimed Scottish band Trashcan Sinatras.  The Big Takeover said, "With their first three albums, the affable Scottish lads arguably built the bridge between Glasgow's old school (Orange Juice, Aztec Camera) and new school (Travis, Belle & Sebastian).' Their debut album Cake spawned the alternative radio hit "Obscurity Knocks" and spent three months on the Billboard Top 200 chart. 2016 saw the release of their album Wild Pendulum, which was produced by Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Justin Townes Earle).  Last year, AllMusic stated that it was "quite likely the best sophisticated guitar pop album anyone is likely to hear in 2016."  Trashcan Sinatras are currently on tour in celebration of their 30th Anniversary as a band and this is Frank Reader's Fidelity High:  Richard Harris // Slides // Dunhill Records // 1972.  Frank says, "I was leafing through the ‘H’ section and lifted this curio out from the rack. Gatefold sleeve, with a large square of clear plastic cut into the front flap. Just as the title/sleeve theme link was sinking in, the stranger next to me leaned my way and drawled. 'If you like Harris. you’ll lovvvve Slides.'  That turned out right - us West of Scotland folks have long held the wild west in dreamy reverence. The concept here is that of a schoolteacher's summer hitch-hiking upon the dusty roads of Northwest America, hellbent on story, mysticism and romance. He finds stories in the hobo, mysticism in the old and indigenous, and romance by the log cabin fireplaces, wined-up on the apres-ski. It’s 10 songs full of wistful, cabinesque arrangements and lovely melodies. Sung with wit and sincerity by RH in that beloved semi-bellow, and all composed by the guy who wrote the songs for The Partridge Family. Throw in a final song in which the teacher presents to his pupils a slide show summary of his journey (delivered by Harris in sonorous stage-voice and punctuated by projector shuttering sound effect), and what’s not to lovvvve?"











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