Guy Blakeslee

Musician, Entrance

Guy Blakeslee is a critically acclaimed musician who has issued albums under his own name as well as the moniker Entrance since 2003.  Last month, he released the wonderful album Book Of Changes via Thrill Jockey, which is his first LP as Entrance in a decade.  The album was recorded in over 11 different studios across Los Angeles and London and mixed by David Vandervelde at Elliott Smith's New Monkey Studios.  Pitchfork stated "At its best, Book of Changes feels like a natural resting point for a songwriter who has spent the better part of two decades searching restlessly for the perfect sound."  He has shared stages with Sonic Youth, Devendra Banhart, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more and will kick off a tour in support of Book Of Changes beginning next week in Los Angeles.  This is Guy Blakeslee's Fidelity High:  Sibylle Baier // Colour Green // Isota Records // 2006 (Though Recorded 1970-1973).  Guy says, "Colour Green by German singer/songwriter Sibylle Baier is a pure treasure, a hushed, intimate home recording made in the early seventies by a young mother which saw the light of day 30 years later ... I love this record because it draws the listener into what feels like a private world, a world of detailed subtlety and innocent yet wise imagination.. like a lot of my favorite records I can only listen to it sometimes, it asks to be really paid attention to and is more than mere background music. the song 'Tonight' is the best known and represents the rest of the album well. Sibylle's melodic sensibility is totally original and the bare simplicity of her lyricism suggests deep and complex relationships and the kind of intensity that boils just below the surface of a calm exterior.. She strikes me as someone who doesn't speak much but when she does it's meaningful.. and yet it's so playful, this record. I like to imagine her writing and recording these songs while her young children are asleep, singing the lyrics as they're forming while she rides around Berlin on a bicycle in the snow."


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