Gwyneth Moreland

Singer / Songwriter

Gwyneth Moreland is a Mendocino, CA-based singer songwriter.  After receiving a copy of Gillian Welch's 1996 classic "Revival" from her eldest brother for her 16th birthday, she was inspired to form her first band Foxglove.  Quickly becoming taken by artists such as Guy Clark, The Carter Family, Nanci Griffith and more, Gwyneth released her well-received solo debut "Ceilings, Floors & Open Doors" years later in 2014.  She is set to release that album's follow up, "Cider," on April 21st via Blue Rose Music.  The record's first single "The California Zephyr" has received early praise from American Songwriter Magazine, Ed Helm's The Bluegrass Situation, and more.  This is Gwyneth's Fidelity High: Randy Newman // Sail Away // Reprise Records // 1972. Gwyneth says, "I had a turntable growing up in Mendocino, Calfornia, but when it wore out, I continued to collect vinyl any chance I got, even though I had no way to play it. I lugged a stack of thrift-store records around with me across state lines for years, knowing that someday I'd revel in their sound. Randy Newman's Sail Away was among the pile and when my husband and I received a record player as a wedding gift, I couldn't wait to listen to it!  I don't know if it's the musicality or the lyrics that I love best about this album. The dry, dark humor and in-your-face writing makes you think. Imagine that. Music that makes you think ... and then laugh. Randy Newman’s piano playing is so satisfying to listen to. His melodies are individual and moving. I love Ry Cooder’s playing on "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and "Last Night I Had a Dream. Not long ago, while scanning the liner notes, I noticed that my friend and bandmate Gene Parsons played drums on the entire album! That was such a fun surprise! I’m proud to say that 45 years later, he’s on my new record too. I can’t wait to ask him all about these recording sessions next time we see each other.


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