Lilly Hiatt


Lilly Hiatt is an acclaimed singer songwriter from Nashville who is currently supporting her second album, Royal Blue.  It was issued by Normaltown Records and is one of our very favorite records of 2015.  She's brilliant and you need Royal Blue in your life.  This is Lilly's Fidelity High:  Linda Ronstadt // Prisoner In Disguise // Asylum Records // 1975.  Lilly says, "One of my faves... Linda Ronstadt's Prisoner in Disguise.  Once I heard her version of 'Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox' I was hooked.  She has a way of owning songs that allows her voice and spirit to shine through.  A very unique quality.  Also, I scored it in the dollar bin in Eau Claire, WI.  Shout out to Revival Records for this steal.'