Hrishikesh Hirway

Podcaster, Musician

Hrishikesh Hirway is the creator, producer and host of the critically acclaimed podcast Song Exploder.  Launched in January of 2014, the podcast features artists deconstructing their own songs and sharing the details of their creation.  Among its many highlights, Song Exploder has featured U2, Weezer, Bjork, Iggy Pop, Wilco, Courtney Barnett, Death Cab For Cutie, The National, The Postal Service and more discussing their individual creative process.  In addition to his work with Song Exploder, Hrishikesh also makes music as The One AM Radio and produces beats as one half of the hip hop duo Moors.  This is Hrishikesh's Fidelity High:  Broadcast // Tender Buttons // Warp Records // 2005.  Hrishikesh says, "If I could be a record, I'd want to be Tender Buttons by Broadcast.  It seems both effortless and meticulously constructed.  The broken synthesizer sounds, the sparse drum machine, and Trish Keenan's lilting, melancholy voice — this was the soundtrack of my summer in 2006.  I had just moved back to Los Angeles, and it was hot, and I felt a lot of excitement and a slight tinge of dread about starting a new chapter in my life.  Somehow this record captured and amplified the heat and all of those feelings."


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