Ione Skye

Actress, Painter, & Author

Ione Skye is an acclaimed actress, painter, and author.  She made her feature film debut in the 1986 thriller River's Edge co-starring Keanu Reeves & Crispin Glover and is well known for her infamous role of Diane Court alongside John Cusack in the 1989 classic Say Anything.  She can be seen in countless movies, including the 2007 David Fincher film Zodiac and recently completed the film Holy New York which is currently in post-production.  In 2014, she released her first children's book My Yiddish Vacation, which was published by Henry Holt and Company.  This year, Ione and her husband the singer-songwriter Ben Lee, launched Skye Lee Essential Oils.  She is also a painter with her work viewable and available for purchase at  This is Ione's Fidelity High:  Paul Simon // There Goes Rhymin' Simon // Columbia Records // 1973.  Ione says, "As a kid, I first heard the singles from this album in the car on the radio.  And I always seemed to have it where ever I lived.  It's very comforting, like all the best things about New York City and that particular vibe in NY back in the 1970's.  Paul Simon's sophisticated lyrics and the Muscle Shoals session musicians make this album thoughtful and an upper at the same time."


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