Jared Deck


Jared Deck is an Oklahoma singer-songwriter who recently released his eponymous solo debut to critical acclaim.   Rolling Stone Country named him an "Artist You Need To Know" and called his first single "17 Miles," "one of the most rowdy odes to failure ever written."  American Songwriter Magazine said "Get on board Deck's train early because he's got the chops, the ambition and the talent to take it to the next level" and went on to say "you get the sense he could be, with a little luck and some more songwriting under his belt, in a league with last year's breakout Americana artist Chris Stapleton."  This is Jared's Fidelity High: Various Artists // 41 Original Hits From The Soundtrack Of American Graffiti // MCA Records // 1973.  Jared says, "Anyone who knows me knows my roots are in rock/n/roll.  My mother listened to KOMA, which played Buddy Holly, Beach Boys, and Bill Haley.  When I found this record, I didn't know there was a movie, but I knew those sounds from my childhood.  When Baby Boomers wax nostalgic, I picture the last day of summer, 1962.  It was the beginning of the end of a perceived age of innocence.  Before our president was shot, before the escalation of Vietnam, and before the 16th Street Church bombing.  A while back, I turned on KOMA radio, only to hear Bon Jovi.  It hit me that Chuck Berry may never again be played over analog airwaves.  Now I'm the one waxing nostalgic."