Josh Netsky

Musician, Maybird

Josh Netsky is the singer and principal songwriter of the Brooklyn/Rochester based band Maybird.  Earlier this year the band released their debut EP Turning Into Water via Danger Mouse’s Columbia Records imprint 30th Century Records and recently spent time in Nashville working on new material.  This is Josh's Fidelity High:  Elliott Smith // XO // Dreamworks Records // 1998.  Josh says, "I first heard Elliott Smith on a compilation that my 6th grade best friend’s father had made for him and his friends on his Bar Mitzvah. The song was 'Independence Day' and I thought it was maybe a Simon & Garfunkel tune. It stuck with me for years, and that Bar Mitzvah compilation was actually really good - so, I kept it around for a while and a few years later I finally had to find out who’d written that song. This was around the time of Limewire, the peak of illegal downloading, and I just couldn’t stop stealing his music. I got everything (I eventually bought it, of course). He wrote such a great well of incredible albums that have unending quality - my favorite of which is XO. Hearing it revolutionized my music taste, I was extremely inspired by it. Every song is just perfect, and the flow of the album is beautiful. There’s some very pop-driven, upbeat tunes mixed in with some very dark tunes - sometimes that can make a record a bit tough to listen to all the way through. But, you’re willing to follow wherever it goes here because it doesn’t matter; you get lost in how good the songs are. And his lyrics are flat out perfect. I loved reading them and picking them apart just as much hearing the songs."


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