Justin Pittney

Musician, Residuels

Justin Pittney is the singer and guitarist in the Philadelphia rock and roll band Residuels.   The band just released their new Hurricane EP which was recorded and co-produced by Jeff Zeigler at Philadelphia's Uniform Recording (Kurt Vile, War On Drugs, Nothing, Purling Hiss).  In addition to his duties as Residuels frontman, Justin was also Creative Director for Sailor Jerry for years and recently established his own firm Space Command (spacephilly.com) where he brings bands and brands together working creatively.  Residuels are currently touring as direct support for The Buzzcocks and Justin's Fidelity High is Radio Birdman // Radios Appear // Sire Records // 1978.  Justin says, "I remember the exact moment I heard Radio Birdman. I was riding around Vegas running errands in Jesse Amoroso’s car, when 'Murder City Nights' came on the stereo. I was immediately captivated – like pinhole vision – utterly fixated. Every element was just.. perfect.  It was like hearing a favorite song that you’d somehow how forgotten about. And then the solo hit. It’s the ideal balance of bravado and slop – melodic as hell while simultaneously sounding improvised and like it could fall off the rails at any second. Deniz Tek completely changed my idea of the guitar’s role in punk rock and I’ve been basically trying to recreate that solo ever since.  The lead on “Hurricane” is pure Deniz adoration – it’s entirely improvised and done at the same time as the rhythm parts – no overdubs – and it’s even got a change in the middle to bring out the drama.  And then there’s the rest of Radios Appear.  Both versions are killer – but I’m partial to the non-Austrailian version that came out in '78.  As great as “Love Kills” is - I’ll take 'What Gives,' 'Non-Stop Girls' and 'Hit Em’ Again' over the ballad any day and the speed of the Elevator’s cover (again) inspired us to blow out our version of it.  If all of this wasn’t enough – a few years ago I actually got 'New Race' placed in a national TV spot for Indy Car racing.. The title is bit on the nose but it’s the sound of the track and not the words that made it work so well.  Lastly – 'Decent Into The Maelstrom'...the song might as well be called 'Holy Fuck.'  To me - there is no better rock n’ roll song: only equals (... and one of them is 'Hand Of Law')."