Kacy & Clayton 


Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum have been recording albums as Kacy & Clayton since 2011.  The Saskatchewan-based second cousins find inspiration in both British and Appalachian folk and Aquarium Drunkard has called their 2016 New West Records debut Strange Country "...one of the finest Canadian folk albums in decades."  They are currently on the road with Blitzen Trapper and this is their Fidelity High:  Kacy - Tim Hart & Maddy Prior // Folk Songs of Olde England Vol. One // 1968.  Kacy says, "Folk Songs of Olde England Vol. One is among the first albums I heard that got me obsessed with British folk music. I instantly fell in love with their voices, the brilliant guitar arrangements and every single song on the album. Tim Hart and Maddy Prior went on to form the folk rock band Steeleye Span. Although Steeleye Span has made some of my favourite albums, I believe this first album the duo made was the best thing they did throughout their entire careers."  Clayton:  Tom T. Hall // In Search Of A Song // 1971.  Clayton says, "Our friend Ryan Boldt was the one who showed me this record a few years ago. The tone of Jerry Kennedy's production alone is enough to make this album irresistible. Along with this great tone, you get Tom T's remarkable sense of humour, geography, and characters. My Dad tells me he named me after Clayton Delaney, Tom T's boyhood guitar-playing hero, and subject of the first song on the album. I think my Dad is pulling my leg. Above all, Tom T. Hall's "In Search of A Song" is a concept album that takes ordinary rural happenings and turns them into extraordinary country songs."



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