Louis Charette

Co-Owner, The Groove  

Louis Charette is the co-owner (along with John Moore) of The Groove record store located in East Nashville, TN.  The Groove was established during the Fall of 2010 and features a stellar selection of new and used records and compact discs.  The shop also houses the underground, alternative and small press-focused Brainfreeze Comics and is a must stop while visiting Nashville.  This is Louis' Fidelity High:  DJ Shadow // Endtroducing..... // FFRR/Mo Wax // 1996.  Louis says, "This one never gets old to me... Almost 20 years later, it still sounds as fresh and unparalleled as the first time I heard it.  The fact that this record was created entirely of samples - lifted straight from vinyl, then meticulously chopped and sequenced on an MPC - really blew my mind at the time... and still does. I was already big into hip hop and electronic music at the time (including many of his fellow Mo Wax labelmates), so the concept of sampling was not foreign to me, but this guy was taking it to another level.  The multitude of obscure samples that he chose, along with the elaborate song arrangements and the general flow/progression of the album... it's all so well thought out, seamless and essentially perfect.  Truly a genre-defining album. Endtroducing..... also really got me interested in collecting records. Seeing pictures of Shadow digging through mountains of records in some old, musty basement with his portable turntable... in the hopes of finding that perfect sample, that perfect break, that perfect record.  Then learning he had over 65,000 records of his own!  The whole concept really intrigued me and further opened my eyes to the vast amount of good music out there, just waiting to be discovered..."