NOW SPINNING :  Lush // Origami

Formed in 1987, Lush were a London-based band that were largely identified within the shoegaze movement (though by their final album were more accurately associated with Brit Pop).  The band had an abrupt and tragic ending with the suicide of drummer Chris Acland in 1996.  Their catalog was consistently great and has long been out of print.  The new limited edition box set released for Record Store Day 2016 brings together the band's three studio LPs, 1992's Spooky,1994's Split, and 1996's Lovelife as well as the singles compilations Gala from 1990 and Topolino from 1996, which is available for the first time on vinyl here.  The box set was designed by the amazing Chris Bigg, formerly of v23 and a longtime 4AD collaborator.  In September of last year, the band announced their reformation with Justin Welch of Elastica on drums.  Lush release the 4-song Blind Spot EP in the US in April 2016.  It is their first new music in 20 years.

Lush // Origami // 4AD Records, LUSHBOX2 // 2016, Record Store Day Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Box Set.