Michael Stasiak

Musician, EZTV

Michael Stasiak is the drummer of the Brooklyn based band EZTV.  He was also a founding member of the band Widowspeak as well as a former employee of the great (and greatly missed) NYC record shop Other Music.  EZTV's new album High In Place was released by Captured Tracks and features Jenny Lewis on its first single "High Flying Faith."  The record also features Martin Courtney and Matt Kallman of Real Estate, Chris Cohen, and John Andrews of Quilt.  EZTV's tour with Ultimate Painting begins tonight in Nashville, TN and Michael's two Fidelity High's are: Drugdealer // The End of Comedy // Weird World Record Co. // 2016 & Mazzy Star // She Hangs Brightly // Capitol Records // 1990.  Michael says, "So this is a two-fold story: there are two great record stores on Oldham Street in Manchester: Piccadilly Records and Vinyl Exchange. I walked into Piccadilly and found my favorite album of 2016 so far, End of Comedy by Drugdealer, which didn't seem to make it into too many stateside shops. And when I was across the street in the basement of Vinyl Exchange, I knew that I had to have this white-label promotional copy of Mazzy Star's She Hangs Brightly in their  Indie/Alternative bin. My wife and I are fools for anything David Roback, Kendra Smith, and Hope Sandoval related, the album is gorgeous...it was admittedly a bit of a spree, but so worth the 15 minutes of digging!"