Rhett Miller

Musician, Old 97's

Rhett Miller is an acclaimed singer-songwriter and the frontman of Old 97's.  He has released six solo albums, including 2015's The Traveler, as well as 10 studio albums with Old 97's.  Their latest record, Most Messed Up, was issued in 2014 by ATO Records and is their highest chart debut to date.  In March 2015, Old 97's recorded their 11th album in the same studio they cut their Elektra debut, the seminal Too Far To Care 20 years ago.  Rhett and the band are a must-see live act and this is Rhett's Fidelity High:  T. Rex // The Slider // Reprise Records // 1972.  Rhett says, "I found T. Rex through Bowie and will argue the perfection of Marc Bolan's masterpiece The Slider against any LP ever made.  The nonsense lyrics reveal, after thousands of listens, deeper things, hinting at cracks in the facade of sexual bravado, vulnerability in the face of adulation, and basic existential fear.  It also sports the greatest album cover ever, a black and white still of a stove-piped Bolan shot by his friend Ringo Starr."

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