Tim Rutili

Musician, Red Red Meat / Califone

Tim Rutili is a critically acclaimed songwriter, filmmaker and frontman for the bands Red Red Meat and Califone.  With Red Red Meat, he released four albums from 1992-1996 including the brilliant Bunny Gets Paid in 1995.  In 2009, Sub Pop Records released a deluxe edition of the album featuring seven bonus tracks, calling it "easily one of the high points in the entire Sub Pop catalog."  Throughout last year, the band celebrated their legacy with a reissue campaign of its catalog via Jealous Butcher Records.  After Red Red Meat's breakup, Rutili formed the band Califone and has released six acclaimed studio albums and multiple EPs to date.  In 2010, he released his directorial debut, the feature film All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, which shares its title with Califone's studio album the previous year.  In 2011, a documentary about the band, Made A Machine By Describing The Landscape was released.  Shot between 2004 and 2008, it features the band both in the studio and on the road.  Just last week, Califone released the limited edition 6-song Insect Courage EP via the Future Oak Record Co.  The limited run is packaged with a letterpress insert, with each jacket run through an industrial press labeled boldly, this is Califone, and includes a wooden token which can be used to access digital files.  This is Tim's Fidelity High: Bruce Langhorne // The Hired Hand // Scissor Tail Records // 2012.  Tim says, "Absolutely beautiful textures and sounds. This is the score to one of my favorite films, Peter Fonda's 1969 western The Hired Hand.   Lonesome colors and wide open landscapes.  Primal, layered, deep & perfect.  I'd live inside this record if I could.  Thanks to Amy for turning me on to it and Rob for sending me the vinyl treasure."