David Pajo

Musician, Slint

David Pajo is a founding member and guitarist of the overwhelmingly influential Louisville, KY band Slint.  Their legendary 1991 album Spiderland was recently celebrated with a comprehensive box set featuring the remastered album, unreleased demos and live material, as well as the feature length documentary Breadcrumb Trail, directed by Lance Bangs.  In addition to his work with Tortoise, Will Oldham & Palace, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Interpol, David has also issued solo albums as Papa M, Aerial M, M, and Pajo.   Most recently David composed the soundtrack to the documentary film Skateboarding In Pine Ridge, by the director Greg Hunt.  This is David's Fidelity High:   Wire // 154 // Warner Bros. Records // 1979.  David says, "I've been a fan of Wire for about three decades now.  Shit, I'm old.  As soon as I heard that '1 2 X U' wasn't written by Minor Threat, I had to track down all their stuff.  This record coincided with my changing musical taste and the dawn of Slint, in 1986.  I still love the lyrics, the guitar tones, the spaciousness.  Remember, this record came out in 1979!"  -- David Pajo photo by Tara Jane O'Neil.