Jimmy Pardo

Comedian, Podcaster

Jimmy Pardo is a stand-up comedian, actor and host of the long-running comedy podcast Never Not Funny.  In addition to appearing on The Tonight Show,  The Late Late Show and more, Jimmy has also performed as Conan O'Brien's warm-up comedian at Conan for the past six years.  Pardcast-A-Thon, Jimmy's annual fundraiser benefits the charity Smile Train and raised over $181,000 in March 2016.  You can pick up his comedy albums including his latest, Sprezzatura, on iTunes.  This is Jimmy's Fidelity High: Chicago // Chicago 13 // Columbia Records // 1979.  Jimmy says, "Obviously, its hard to just pick one album… and any fan of mine knows of my obsession with Chicago.  My Dad was a huge fan, so I heard them quite a bit growing up, but I didn’t see them live until 1981.  I then wanted to start my own Chicago collection.  Chicago 13 was the only one the store had in stock.  Bought it and listened non-stop.  Chicago post Terry Kath gets a bad rap and especially Chicago 13.  I don’t know if it’s because it was the first one that I personally bought as a young man… or if it’s because Peter Cetera refers to himself as P.C. Moblee on 2 tracks… or if it’s because the guitarist, Donnie Dacus (who is great, by the way) has the nickname “Hot Licks”… but I like this album a lot.  Robert Lamm’s 'Reruns' is terrific.  I like this album so much I used the song titles as the track names for my most recent CD, Sprezzatura."