Illustration by Jess Rotter

                                         Illustration by Jess Rotter

Robyn Hitchcock


Fi - Hi Podcast Ep 45 : Robyn Hitchcock on Revolver by The Beatles.

Robyn Hitchcock is a legendary British singer songwriter.  In 1976 he founded the influential art-rock band The Soft Boys and since their breakup in 1980 has released countless albums as a solo artist and also as the frontman of The Egyptians.  He is the subject of the 1998 concert film Storefront Hitchcock which was directed by the filmmaker Jonathan Demme.  Robyn also appeared as an actor in Demme's films Rachel Getting Married, starring Anne Hathaway and his 2004 remake of the Manchurian Candidate starring Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep.   Robyn's most recent, eponymous album is his 21st as a solo artist and was released this year to widespread critical acclaim.  It was co-produced by Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs with Rolling Stone stating "A gifted melodist, Hitchcock nests engaging lyrics in some of the most bracing, rainbow-hued pop this side of Revolver."

Originally aired during Fidelity High Radio on WXNA 101.5 FM Nashville - Sunday, June 25th 2017.

Music Featured in this episode...

The Beatles - She Said, She Said
Robyn Hitchcock - Time Coast


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