Ron Gallo


Ron Gallo releases his new solo album HEAVY META today, which Vice's music site Noisey stated, "is Fun and Dark and Garage and Psychedelic and Nice as Hell."  After premiering his "Please Yourself" video, a one-shot, guerrilla-style clip depicting he and his band disrupting downtown Nashville's busiest intersection with an impromptu live performance, NPR stated "this kid, the video portends, can and might do anything." The 11-song set is drenched in aggression and fuzz with themes ranging from his personal ideology on abstaining from drugs and alcohol, self-empowerment, domestication, dead love, not knowing yourself, mental illness and more. Gallo calls it "big-haired spiritual punk raised in the 90s." We call it totally radical. This is Ron's Fidelity High: Mahalia Jackson // I Believe // Columbia Records // 1960.  Ron says, "I cannot put into words what exists on this record or what happens to me while listening to it, but I have cried large, universal-sized tears for all existence during it. Mahalia Jackson's voice is audible proof that Love is the most powerful thing in the universe. What better time than now? Want to change the world? Someone invent speakers the size of the moon and play this record for all humanity in unison. I believe. Mahalia is one of the greatest gifts the world has received and I'm not sure enough people know that."


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