Olivia Scibelli

Musician, Idle Bloom

Olivia Scibelli is the front woman of the Nashville, TN-based psych-pop band Idle Bloom.  December 2015 saw the release of their debut EP Some Paranoia via Theory Eight Records.  In their "10 Local Acts That Ruled 2015 (and will Probably Rule Even Harder in 2016)" feature, the Nashville Scene named Idle Bloom one of Nashville's strongest exports of 2015, stating that the EP is "a retro-tastic fever dream of swirling guitarmonies and menacing melodic vocal refrains that echo over huge power-pop hooks."  Idle Bloom are totally rad and this is Olivia's Fidelity High: Patti Smith Group // Easter // Arista Records // 1978.  Olivia says, "When I was 16 I worked in a record store, and I discovered Patti because the cover was so compelling...I think I listened to this album on repeat for an entire summer.  Her words are so powerful, she's undeniable."