Scott Shriner

Musician, Weezer

Scott Shriner has been the bassist for Weezer since 2001 and has appeared on their last seven of ten studio albums.  He sang lead vocals and co-wrote the song "Cold Dark World," as featured on band's third self-titled record (The Red Album) in 2008.  Weezer released their tenth, and fourth self-titled record, commonly referred to as "The White Album" in April of last year.  Receiving widespread critical acclaim, the album reached #4 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and featured the singles "Thank God For Girls," "King Of The World," and "Do You Wanna Get High."  The White Album has received a Grammy Award nomination in the Best Rock Album category for this year's awards ceremony, which is a first for the band.  This is Scott's Fidelity High: The Jimi Hendrix Experience // Electric Ladyland // Reprise Records // 1968.  Scott says, "I picked up Electric Ladyland when I was 12, having heard 'Purple Haze' and 'Foxy Lady' on the radio and immediately thinking, 'damn, I love Hendrix.'  Upon first listen I was deeply frightened by what I heard.  I had just never heard sounds like that before on a record – so haunting and otherworldly.  Later in life I was listening to it while driving through the mountains on a vision quest of sorts and drove right into dense Fog. 'Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)' came on, and at that moment I knew exactly what I needed to do when I got home (if I made it home in one piece): Leave the shitty relationship that I was involved with at the time and throw myself 100% into my music.  So Electric Ladyland literally changed my life.  It will always be on my top five list of albums to take on a desert island.  It continues to influence my soul."




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