Ted Barron

Photographer and Filmmaker

Ted Barron is a photographer and filmmaker whose work has been seen in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Rolling Stone, and countless other publications.  He has shot album cover photographs for Steve Earle's last five albums, Laura Cantrell, Amy Rigby and more and is also a DJ at at WFMU, NYC's legendary independent, free-form community radio station.  This is Ted's Fidelity High:  The Clash // Sandinista! // Epic Records // 1980.  Ted says, "This is the one I always reach for. As great as their first three records were, this is the high water mark for the Clash, and their least dated and most enduring record. Perhaps it's the sheer breadth of material. Produced by themselves over a prolific stretch at Electric Lady Studios following their run at Bonds in Times Square, they soaked up everything happening and spewed it out into a wonderful sprawling mess of six LP sides of funk, punk, rap, Caribbean, jazz, gospel, dub, pop, and anything else that stuck. They cover Mose Allison, the Equals, Wee Willie Wayne, and even themselves with children singing. There are are other guest vocalists as well, Ellen Foley, Tymon Dogg, and Mikey Dread. I first heard Sandinista! around Christmas 1980, when a friend brought an import back from the UK. It caught me off guard, as it was so different than London Calling, and took some getting used to. I picked up my copy a few weeks later when it was released in the USA. After thirty six years, It has never strayed too far from my turntable, and still sounds contemporary to me in whatever year I'm listening."



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