Tom LeFevre

Owner, Main St. Jukebox

Tom LeFevre is the owner of the stellar Main Street Jukebox located in Stroudsburg, PA.  Nestled in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, the record shop was established in 1994 and features an amazing selection of new and used records, compact discs, and more.  Tom's store is a Fidelity High favorite and a must visit.  This is Tom's Fidelity High: Faith No More // The Real Thing // Slash Records // 1989.  Tom says, "My love of music runs deep.  I can remember listening to records as far back as age 5.  I have had many life changing records come into my hands over the years.  One that stands out in particular is the Faith No More album The Real Thing which was released in the summer of 1989.  In high school, my music of choice was always heavy metal.  Playing in bands and listening to all the hair bands of the 80's was something my friends and I bonded over.  After graduating high school in 1988, I got a job at a local record store and my musical tastes would be forever changed.  I remember spending my entire paycheck on records and CDs.  I would just buy whatever I thought looked cool or had read about.  We did not have the ability to listen to the albums before purchasing them so I would just take my chances.  When I got home and started to listen to The Real Thing everything changed.  I remember being infatuated with the whole production and sound of the record.  The whole album was such a new sound for me and it really blew me away.  From the opening riff on 'From Out of Nowhere' to every lyric Patton sang, I was in love.  Even to this day, The Real Thing still holds up and sounds as fresh to me now as it did in 1989.  From that day forward I dedicated a huge part of my life to following the band out on tour and buying everything the band released.  Faith No More is also responsible for opening me up to so many different bands that I might have never given a chance in the past.  I will always credit 'The Real Thing' as being one of my favorite albums of all time as well as reminding me of a really great time in my life."


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